Everyone deserves a lifeline-
but not everyone has one (yet…)

In 2021, I found myself in a Salt Lake City hospital bed, where the doctors informed me that I had 12 hours to live. Faced with my own mortality, the first call I made was to my mother in San Diego who was on the very next flight to be by my side – she was my Lifeline.

In this often cold and unforgiving world, WE are all we have. It is our obligation to take care of each other.


Bring people together. Make sure everyone has a Lifeline. Whoever you are and whatever your position may be: our aim is to help you find help. We will be spending the next few months working with the brightest minds, young and old; and with organizations doing vital work in communities; to create a system that provides resources for those who need it.


Together. In order to create effective and lasting change, we must be united. Most of us share the same goal: peace and well-being for all. How do we get there? Relationships, communication, and resources.

Over the months ahead, we want to build FindMyLifeline to be a haven where those needing support find resources or a willing hand.

We’re putting our minds and hearts together, to provide help for all who need it.

We are all that we have; it’s our obligation to take care of each other. Join me today to stay connected as FindMyLifeline continues to grow.

- Joshua Bassett